27 September 2014

iPhone 6 - what have Apple done wrong

I'm not owning the iPhone 6 nor 6 plus. This is just my thought on Apple's latest product after read and watched dozens of articles and review on the inter-web.
  • Big bezel: Nexus 5 fits 5-inch screen into the same dimension. Symmetry is good but Apple could have work more, for less.
  • Camera bump and plastic lines: In the front, the handset looks beautiful, no objection there but when switch to the back thing starts to get dreary. They could go for a thicker shell but put 50% more battery instead. Thinness war should be ended 2 years ago. The radio reception plastic line on the flush aluminum surface also looks hideous in the overall fabulously curvy metal.
  • 16GB storage: For me, 16GB is not an option but for other half of the buyers who would get the base model would be disappoint. Thing is getting much worse when you consider that the iOS8 update required 5.6GB of free disk space.
  • 8 mega pixels camera: 41, 20, 16, 13. Look at the numbers in those other top-end camera phones. 8MP one in iPhone 6 would not cause a stir. I'm not denying that Apple brings good improvements to their "much loved" 8MP camera over the years but this is 2014 now, it's definitely the time to move on.
  • iOS8 feels unfinished: Lots and lots of bugs, 3rd-party keyboards are useless more often than not. And most importantly, for all of the features that work, it's 2 years late.