31 January 2016

Apple Watch

My thought about Apple Watch after testing it for a week.

  • top notch build quality and very well thought out design
  • sport version is matched with iPhone 6s metal material and finish
  • very comfortable to wear
  • square screen is okay but I still prefer rounded

  • can do too much
    • make phone call
    • load music from the phone, why would I need that?
    • view images, enjoy your images on 1.5" screen, idiots
  • unintuitive to use, another hand required AT ALL TIME
  • not sure why it needs any app, notifications and reply with speech-to-text reply would be good enough
  • poor design menu screen, although looks cool while you cycle it around, but too small to select
  • sluggish performance, long wait for app to load. For that amount of time I will just pick my phone
  • useful exercise tracker

Using with iPhone
  • unbeatable when pair with iPhone, probably the only good smartwatch for your iPhone
    • silence the call on your phone also silence the watch
    • all notifications will send to the watch instead of a phone (nudge my wrist instead of my pocket, good!)
  • drain a fair bit of phone battery
  • pretty much useless without a phone
  • battery is not bad but I don't like that it require dedicated charger
    • better use lightning